Our Story

Two intentions drive our efforts:

Investing in visionary founders and companies that alleviate suffering and expand human potential to create access to a meaningful life for everyone, everywhere; and migrating slow, segregated, corrupted capital from the old markets to the new fractionalized, automated and open economy, through issuing and selling digital securities.

Exponential Group (ExG) all started with two founders who shared a bold vision. After creating several successful technology companies, co-founders James Wallace (JW) and James Tonn (JT) decided to turn their focus toward scaling their impact by finding incredible founders building extraordinary things and giving them the advice and capital they need to stablize and grow their organizations.

Using a "founders first" commitment and firmly holding to an impact centered investment thesis, we began investing in seed-stage companies which eventually led us to being the sole seed investor in the world’s first federally approved digital security.

Today, Exponential Group has expanded to include multiple teams: Ventures, Capital, and Markets. Through these teams, we provide founders with a vertically integrated model to help quickly move our investments from Seed Stage (Ventures) to Digital Security Offering (Capital) to Secondary Trading (Markets), all in-house. And the beauty of founders being served holistically through their life cycle is that our large pool of investors are offered access to a diversified digital asset fund, a digital asset venture fund, and/or direct high-quality digital asset investment opportunities.

Our collective mission is to create positive social change by advising world leading entrepreneurs, ventures and investors as they navigate the digital asset space. And through that, we are committed to the democratization of global digital asset issuance and trading, resolving government and financial exclusion in the process.


James Wallace


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James Tonn


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Chris Seguin

Chief Operating Officer

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Sunny Durante

Director of Marketing

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Cory Marchasin

Director of Relationships

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Terry Roy

Executive Assistant to James Wallace

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Julia Cheeatow

Executive Assistant to James Tonn

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Capital & Markets

Kyle Fry


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Josh Hurwitz

President and COO

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Brian Leiberman

VP, Partnerships, "The Sportsman"

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Neil Harounian

Director of Capital

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John Pinto

Director of Capital and Operations

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Dave Mirynech

Director of Research

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1 University Ave
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2P1

1216 Broadway
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

1001 Lenoir
Bureau B111
Montreal, QC H4C 2Z6

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Ventures: connect@exv.ai

Capital & Markets: connect@excm.ai

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