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Exponential Ventures (ExV) is a digital asset impact fund investing in founders committed to solving the world's biggest challenges through digital applications. We believe exponential startups are the best catalyst for social change.

Here are the pillars of our investment thesis :

The network of blockchains will replace the Internet

Blockchain introduces trust to the Internet for the first time. Said another way, a trusted engagement is a secured value exchange, whether that’s an exchange of time reading content on a blog, giving personal data to your government, or trading any store of value such as a digital asset for fiat currency.

The network of blockchains will eventually become the new Internet. And, because we believe absolute trust scales absolutely, ExV invests in organizations who adopt and integrate blockchain platforms that create and grow trust with their users, in addition to adding significant value by solving a major problem.

digital securities will fractionalize the world

Ownership of digital assets will be divided into increasingly smaller parts, enabling access to a larger pool of investors, many of whom would not have access otherwise. Fractionalizing tangible assets through tokenization will bring liquidity into markets that have had little to no access to it, creating a truly global investor network.

The fractionalization and tokenization of global assets is an enormous opportunity. Global equity assets are valued at $70 trillion, debt at $215 trillion, real estate at $230 trillion, and derivatives at $544 trillion.

We believe that digitizing the ownership of hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets, and creating a global liquid market, is an unparalleled financial opportunity with massive positive socio-economic implications.

All investments commit to issuing and selling digital securities, and ExG guides them through this entire process.

Founders first, business second

We bet on the founder. Instead of investing in ideas, we invest in the value creators themselves. We believe our founders are uniquely capable of building exponential organizations.

Our founders are, above all, adaptable. They have a natural ability to quickstart, iterate and scale quickly and cost-effectively. They are aligned with our core values. They constantly display grit and determination and are resourceful. They are profit driven, people-centric, and obsessed with the solution they are building.

Exponential thinkers must advise startups

Humans are not able to naturally think exponentially. It requires significant reprogramming and ongoing awareness to avoid linear thinking. In order to enable scale reliably, the startup must be surrounded by exponential thinking to ensure the solution scales faster than the problem.

Our network of exponential thinkers, practitioners and advisors start the reprogramming process with our founders and keep them in the exponential worldview as they build and grow their organizations.


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